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The New Standard for THC Syrups

As medical and recreational cannabis continues to be legalized across the world, the methods for consuming it continue to evolve and improve as well. This is especially true in the realm of marijuana edibles, which were once very limited.

In the past, you usually only had a choice between some gummy candies infused with cannabis strains, and maybe a few different baked goods. These are all well and good, and they definitely remain a popular choice today. 

THC syrups are still one of the newer types of edibles by comparison, offering an efficient and easy way to consume very precise and measured doses. 

Like all edibles, these syrups are supposed to taste good, but for whatever reason, the majority of THC syrup manufacturers seem to have a hard time pairing potency with enjoyable flavor. To be frank, THC syrups have a reputation for tasting like generic cough syrup — not very ideal for an edible at all.

At Straiin, we are committed to carrying the best cannabis products in every category, but we couldn’t seem to find a syrup we were comfortable with, mainly due to the flavor. 

So we decided to fix the problem ourselves, by making our own THC syrup that actually tastes good. That’s how we ended up making our line of Elixir THC Syrups. 

Not only are our Elixir syrups available in a number of different strains, they also taste good. In fact, they taste GREAT.

(The good folks over at ISmokedOklahoma.com can vouch for us. You can read Greg’s review of two of our syrups here.)

Straiin’s Premium THC Syrup blew me away. The flavors were perfect, thanks to the use of real fruit, with no need to mix it into Sprite or any other drink to enjoy it. (That said, I bet mixing it into ice cream for a milkshake would be the bomb.) But more important than the taste is the effectiveness. These syrups are potent and well-designed for patients who need full-spectrum medical marijuana but can’t smoke. That they also taste great just makes them all the better.

Now that you know the history behind our Straiin Elixir, let’s talk about the details.

Full Spectrum Flower

Unlike most syrups that only use the extracted THC and nothing else, Straiin Elixir makes use of the whole cannabis flower, which captures a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in the process.

The flavor of the fruit is actually enhanced and complimented by including the extract from the whole cannabis flower as well, giving the syrup a natural consistency that doesn’t feel grainy or sludgy like many other THC syrup products.

Strain Specific Options

Most THC syrups tend to offer just one strain. Since we use the whole flower for our Elixir syrups, we can make a number of different strain-specific options, with some on a rotating basis, or dependent on the requests of our patients. 

This provides more choices, and allows you to hone in on certain strains you’d like to consume in syrup form. The multiple strains option aspect is also beneficial for those who prefer to consume cannabis strictly through edible form, as many edibles are lacking in strain variety.

Tested for Potency and Consistency

We use only the highest quality flower with each bottle of Elixir, regardless of the strain it’s made from. However, our process goes well beyond just using the best ingredients. We are always sure to test each batch for potency and consistency to be sure it delivers the exact amount of THC for precise dosing. This is because we understand the accuracy needed with consuming edibles in regards to THC potency, so we use a strict testing process to ensure you get the proper dosage each time. 

Superior Taste

Most THC syrups have a medicine-like taste that is unpleasant, and makes drinking the syrup seem more like a chore than something to actually enjoy. This is usually due to their use of artificial flavoring agents, in addition to only using THC distillate.

Strain Elixir is made using real fruit for flavoring, which is the key reason as to why it has an exceptional taste, along with the flavors imparted by using full flower extract rather than distillate. The syrup is great on its own, but you can also use it on pancakes, blend into smoothies, drizzle over ice cream, or really just any other way you’d enjoy a delicious fruit syrup. 

Multiple Flavors

Straiin’s initial offering of Straiin Elixir includes strawberry, lime, blueberry, mango and orange flavors. The elixirs come in 250mg and 500mg strength, and are clearly marked on the bottle so you can accurately measure your dosage in a convenient manner.

If you like to give Elixir a try for yourself and see why it’s truly the best THC syrup on the market, stop by and see us at Straiin — the only location in the state where you can purchase it. Our proprietary THC syrup has been a hit from day one, and we are proud to offer patients a syrup they can finally savor, with the added option of selecting from multiple strains and flavors.

We also carry a full selection of the finest medical cannabis products in the state, so stop by and see us during business hours to take advantage of our curated and diverse inventory. Our expert staff takes pride in being able to help patients select the best medical cannabis products for their unique needs, and is always willing to answer any questions you may have about any of our products, or questions about medical cannabis in general.


  1. Macie
    August 10, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    WOW, What a incredible product this dispensary created. The flavor is out of this world. It’s made with real fruit and full spectrum!! CAN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT!! I use this product for pain relief and help sleeping, and it THIS PRODUCT WORKS AND TASTE AMAZING. You are able to pick between Sativa and Indica and they are strain specific.. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product for other patients.

  2. Tyler
    August 10, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    If you are straining yourself trying to find a good THC syrup the search is over. Straiins Elixir has it going on the taste, appearance, and dosage. The best part is that it comes in both sativa and indica. They also have it strain specific. Which helped me to better understand what to expect. With Straiin’s Elixir you’ll have yourself wanting more and more.

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