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Medical marijuana can be used to effectively treat a number of symptoms and ailments.

  • Promotes relaxation
    Encourages your mind and body to kick back and relax.
  • Increases appetite
    Vastly increase your urge to eat.
  • Fights insomnia
    Certain cannabis types promote falling asleep — and deeper sleep.
  • Eases Pain
    Both CBD and THC cannabis products effectively address numerous types of pain.
  • Relieves Headaches
    Headaches can be eliminated with several types of cannabis.
  • Improves mood
    Cannabis is a natural method for a happier and healthier mindset.

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Available only at Straiin, and currently changing the industry, our proprietary Straiin Elixir© is a unique and great-tasting THC syrup product that is made using the whole cannabis flower in order to capture a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.


What our patients say

I want to commend STRAIIN for helping me. We have found just the right product for me to have pain-free sleep. I tried the Private Reserve Indica dominant strain in a vape pen just last night. I want to report that I was almost euphoric this morning in that I had a good night’s pain free sleep for the first time in years. STRAIIN has my permanent business….very cool place!

Jane M.

I have been to several dispensaries and this is by far my favorite one! They stand by their product and are amazing people. They have top of the line syringes (I put The refill in my vape and it smokes amazing!) the Amnesia and grand daddy purp is off the charts. I know I’ve written a review before but I have to give compliments when they are do. Keep up the amazing work!


Great spot, pricing is on par with the rest, super friendly and helpful. They always have a badass selection of flower with cool and classic strains. A+


THE BEST DISPENSARY EVER! Everyone is super helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone.


These people care about their product. They care about customer satisfaction too. If I ever have an issue I talk to them. They even fixed a vape cartridge that was not working well. Their bud is very good quality. It is as good as any other bud I've tried from other dispensaries.


Every single worker in there is very friendly and makes the environment comfortable. The products are amazing and will definitely be helpful. I have never had a bad experience in the store and I doubt I ever will.

Bud Wizard

I loved my experience here! first dispensary I visited and I don't think I'll ever need/want to go anywhere else 15/10 would confidently recommend as the best dispensary just based off one visit!

K Boat

Absolutely Love! They really care about their patients, their needs and helping them find relief!!! Highly recommend Patients to go to Straiins! ALSO GREAT HOURS AND THE PRODUCT IS MOUTH WATERING. 1st time in two years I didn't cry myself to sleep bc of pain! My head finally wasn't a traffic jam, I felt like my brain wasn't being chased by a wild bear and I could think and breath again.


There isn't enough good things I could say about these folks.. they are great.. friendly.. kind.. outgoing.. caring.. the list goes on and on.. They are my store.. Each time I go to a dispensary this is my only place! Thanks guys for being so awesome!

K Treaster